Nationale Loterij

Break the safe is a school assignment in collaboration with Mortierbrigade and Nationale Loterij for the course Devine at University Howest Kortrijk. -January, 2015

'Break the safe' is a campaign concept to make 18 untill 35 year olds play more gambling games. After research there was a conclusion that online games aren't a great success. The challenge is to make an online game that is more attractive to the target audience.


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The concept of the campaign is that there are safes that can contain up to 1 million euros that needs to be cracked to open. These safes are being live streamed on a micro website where the users can give in their personal combination for a certain bet. An electronic motor tries the code and everything is visible on the website.
If the user gives in a winning combination he wins a certain amount of money.

Teaser Video

This video is a little teaser-video that is displayed on the website when the user visits the website for the first time. This gives the campaign that extra touch that the target audience gets attracted to.

Track: „the good the bad and the ugly” soundtrack

Commercial Ad

This video is an example of how the commercial ads can look like. The idea is to simulate the tension when users play this game and give it a mysterious touch for not showing everything about this game. This will make the viewers curious in the campaign.