ING - Campaign

ING Campaign is a school assignment for the course Devine at Howest Kortrijk, january, 2015.

ING wanted a new campaign to promote ING-savings for people of the age 18 until 25. The concept is to advertise on places where the target audience passes by frequently. The campaign use the metaphor of heads and tail. This metaphor is applied on a funny story at the location. To stimulate the audience there's an app, in the app the user can make a saving plan and the user learns to save better with small challenges.


The purpose of this app is to challenge the target audience to save their money in a savings account and learn how to save better. The user can choose a certain target (dream) to focus on his savings.
This target gets an overview to show the user how much he still needs to save. To learn the user how to save more money, there are daily challenges. These challenges are examples on how to save better on water for instance. If the challenge gets completed, the saved money will be added to the saving plan.


In every big rail station in Belgium there are touch boards placed to attract the audience by interaction on the boards. Please view the case-movie further down the page to see how the touch board would work.

Internet Campaign

On the ING homepage there’s an animated banner that will link you through to download the app.

Facebook Page
This campaign will also be promoted on the Facebook page and show pictures of people that used the touch board.


This is a video of the full campaign
Track: RJD2 - Ghostwriter