City app: En Route

En Route is a school assignment for the course Devine at University Howest Kortrijk. -June, 2014

En Route is an association that organizes art and poet tasks for youth groups. The idea was to create an app where kids can discover a city by doing tasks in group. On a website they can see the tasks they did and share it with their friends.
The city from this app is 'Antwerp', a beautiful city in Belgium that has a big mix between old and modern.


This is a short promo video about 'En Route' that explains the app and website.
Music in background: Beirut - scenic world, voice-over by Quindo


In the app the user can view the route and see where the tasks are located by checkpoints. A few parts of the city are locked and when a task is fulfilled it will be unlocked. There are also small tasks to make the walk more interesting and fun, instead of walking from point A to point B.

The app makes use of the camera (imagepickercontroller & GPUimage), the microphone and MapBox ( to customize the map.


Check it out

On the website the kids can see the results from the tasks they did. The website stays up-to-date and it always shows the most recent entry. Every user can see all the tasks that are completed and can filter by school (everyday there's another school that plays this game).
Teachers can subscribe their school on a certain date to come and explore the city with En Route.