Cosmic Race

Cosmic race is a school assignment for the course Devine at University Howest Kortrijk. -December, 2014

Cosmic Race is a fun game that is created by experimenting with "new" web technology.
The basic rules of the game are to get as far as you can with a rocket, avoid comets and score lots of points.
You can control the spaceship by moving your head and destroy comets by firing lasers when you clap your hands.
When you end up in the top 5 you will get a notification when someone steals your place.


Check it out

The technology that is used in this game:
- Notifications to notify a new topscore
- UserMedia - webcam to realize the face tracking
- Web Audio API - clapping sound filtering

The backend of the web app is constructed in NodeJS.


Here's an example of my mum playing the game, pay attention to her funny faces!