Antwerp ghostwalk

Antwerp Ghostwalk is a school assignment for the course Devine at Howest Kortrijk, november, 2014.

The Antwerp Ghostwalk is an interactive walk trough the city of Antwerp where the audience can interact with the story.

The story is about a ghost terrorizing the city hundreds of years. The main goal of the app is to find clues about this ghost and set the city free. The story has 6 main suspects, all of them are figures from the old Antwerp folklore.


To find clues the user can gain hints by doing tasks with a smartphone combined with Estimote stickers placed on murder weapons. These murder weapons can be found during the walk together with the tour guide. Hints are also told in the stories that the guide tells about the old city and the murders that happened there.

The app shows a signal when the users are getting close to a weapon, this way it's easier to find them. Sometimes the "ghost" sends messages to users that are behind or can't find hints/murder weapons.


This is a short promotion video about the app and the Ghostwalk
Voice-over by Quindo